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Company update on services offered through our sports marketing company diversion sports management. Find out more here.

Company Update: No Longer Accepting Athletes

January 1st, 2023, Diversion Sports Media, which powers and operates, and diversion sports management. Diversion Sports Management will no longer be accepting athletes to represent for the foreseeable future until further notice.

During these economical uncertain times we have all felt the effect in business in every sector of every industry. Because of this we have had to either lay off employees, or not hire which has lead to inconsistency for all of our companies and brands. Therefore, our main focus will be on to produce consistent premium content where our mission has always been simple: To fulfill a gap in the need for coverage for athletes at the High School level with a spotlight and platform to showcase their talents abilities regardless of stars or rankings. Our analysis of players offers an ubaised, honest and true evaluation of good football payers that are considered to be division I, FBS to FCS caliber prospect. Hence our Moto “Champions are found here.”.

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